A worksheet is provided for this assignment and is to be used as an OUTLINE ONLY

A worksheet is provided for this assignment andis to be used as an OUTLINE ONLYto help you write your goals.Your goals should be written in narrative form listing your goals and your plans for achieving them.You should also indicate things like dates how you will know if you are on target or meeting the individual goals your evaluation of how realistic they are(pipe dream goals vs.attainable ones) etc.This assignment is for YOU not me!!Take the time to really evaluate where financially you want to go and how you are going to get there.Make this a document that you can use as YOURroadmap” somethingthat you can refer back to over the years as you evaluate and readjust to keep yourself on track. The paper needs be at least three pages (double space) andmost students tend to write four or five. Do not include a cover sheet.No goal is graded for the goal”after all they are YOUR goals;however your grade will be assessed on 1) how well goals are developed and planned 20 points 2) correct grammar and punctuation 10 points and 3) length requirement 10 points.

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