A cause and effect diagram, often called a fishboneÂ diagram, can help in brain

Acause and effect diagram often called a fishbonediagram can help in brainstorming to identify possiblecausesof a problem and in sorting ideas into useful categories. Afishbone diagramis a visual way to look atcause and effect. The problem oreffectis displayed at the head or mouth of the fish. After watching the video “ How to Create a Cause and Effect Diagram use the method shown in the video to create a diagram to brainstorm the causesof the followingproblem: You placed an orderwith UberEats and the the food delivery was 30 minutes late. Assignment is due: 10/2 by 11 pm Format of your submission: you can use a template on line and save to PDF create a chart in MicrosoftExcel or Word and uploadto BB or hand draw and take a photo to upload a JPG file. Make sure submissionsare readable!

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